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White House Selects OHDC as Launch Partner for Building the Data Innovation Ecosystem  

Dr. George O. Strawn, Director of the Federal Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) National Coordination Office (NCO), Patrick Grant, Chairman, Our Health Data Cooperative, Tom Kalil, Deputy Director for Technology and Innovation and Farnam Jahanian, Assistant Director for CISE
National Science Foundation

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What is Our Health Data Cooperative?

Our Health Data Cooperative (OHDC) is a new venture developed to help millions of patients better manage the use of their health data and become part of a larger movement to create a comprehensive, evidence-based clinical research Learning Health System.  

Through an innovative cooperative structure, individuals, not private companies, own their health information and will directly benefit financially from the use of their information in research.

How does it work?

By joining, members are assigned an OHDC stock number. Information collected during routine physician visits will be submitted anonymously to the OHDC Learning Health System and be used in aggregate to help researchers and clinicians from around the country determine the best treatment options for each disease or condition. Your privacy is completely assured.

Fees for accessing the database by subscribing healthcare-related organizations will be shared among Our Health Data Cooperative shareholders.  

Our Health Data Cooperative has recently partnered with Touchstone Energy Cooperative to enlist its more than 30 million existing members.

There is no out of pocket cost to join.

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See How Sharing Health Data Across Silos May Save Thousands of Lives - Even Yours

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