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"Member Owned - Health Data and Services"

1. Each member receives 1 share of Our Health Data Cooperative. Each member will vote on board of directors. Each member that signs up in 2015 will receive lifetime ownership of their share in OHDC.

2. Health Data will be gathered by the member from their health provider using the OHDC PKB App (Click for description).

3. Though we encourage each family to sign up for the
"Mom, You're Not Alone" package of health discounts and Teladoc, there is no additional cost to join OHDC.

4. Each member of OHDC is entitled to annual patronage.



Revenue is generated from Services and Data.  Our Health Data Cooperative is formed under the Minnessotta 308B Cooperative Organization rules.


Providing services and products that improve our Members' health and purchasing them as a group lowers the costs for Our Health Data Cooperative members. Service providers are chosen by how beneficial their offering will impact the OHDC Members. Examples of our Services include the "Mom, You're Not Alone." Plans

The NIH reports that the average cost of an emergency room visit is now over $2,000. Are you financially prepared should the unthinkable happen?

Leading remote healthcare provider Fonemed, who has been providing remote access healthcare advisory services since 1996, reports that of those callers intending to call 911 or go to an emergency room, almost 50% could be redirected to either a doctor's office (28%) or to home healthcare (21%). With the average cost of a visit to a doctor's office of $155 (source: Blue Cross), the savings are substantial for those with high deductibles or co-pays.

Our Health Data Cooperative, is now able to offer our members a cost-effective solution. 

Revenue sharing from the Service Providers will support the development of the Data systems to help you know what treatments work best for your illness and will support the patronage payments made each year to our members.


Our Health Data Cooperative will gather the members' health records from an app that allows each member to collect their data from their providers.

The app, under license from PKB of Europe, allows assignment of the OHDC Stock Number of each member to it.

This allows the search of the data for valid outcomes, without the knowledge of the members identity, through a system that randomly associates each member information to their stock number.

Access to the OHDC set of data is allowed by a rent payment to OHDC. 

Currently it is estimated that $80 Billion is spent each year for research information (data) by researchers that may decide the access to the OHDC set of data provides a better and lower expense alternative to what currently exists.

OHDC members will benefit from the revenues generated from the accumulated, anonymous health records being rented out to researchers.



Why Our Health Data Cooperative Makes Sense



50 Million Patient Heroes

Our Health Data Cooperative

A New Idea

Efforts to build a patient owned Learning Health System, that answers the question, "What treatment works best for my disease?" is a vision that hopefully we can begin in the US and expand to the world, so no matter what the income, there are no disparities between people when it comes to their health care information.

It will require 50 Million Patient Heroes working together to share their health data anonymously.

 The method of a cooperative (we named the entity Our Health Data Cooperative) for business entity formation of the solution, is a novel one that overcomes many previous obstacles to health data sharing (which were brought up in the LHS Summit that was put on by the foundation I was President of in 2012), namely:


1) National Patient Number identifier (This is accomplished with what the Office of National Coordinator calls a "clever loophole").  This is the members' Personal Identificaton Number of Cooperative Members (PINOCM) which effectively is the member's stock number. This allows each provider of health services to both share their data anonymously, as well as allows them to search for data of a patient among other providers anywhere in the US.  (This reduces the administrative costs for the providers, which do not have to pay to be a member of a health information exhcange, and insures that the information shared is accurate and for that patient).


2) Interoperability - overcome with the OHDC technology that allows each patient to access their data. (The patient is the only legal entity that has rights to their respective health data regardless of its location.  Regardless of the language the data is stored in, the OHDC app allows us to gather it, and translate it into a language that each provider is able to understand.  This technology also allows OHDC to gather records in a longitudal manner so that we can allow Associate Members of OHDC to access and evaluate the data to see which treatment works best).




3) Gathering sufficient quantities - 50 Million people are needed in OHDC to provide valid, non-biased, non-confounded outcomes.  OHDC is structured as a for profit entity.  The reason for this is that each member will receive dividends (called patronage in cooperative lingo) from the profits of OHDC activities. The revenue streams will come from Data (renting) and Services (including the unlimited access to a doctor 24/7 for $9.99/month - see attached of all programs in this price that are included and what we expect to have ready next week or so as result of winning the RFP).


As a result of my battle with the rarest form of cancer, which I understand may affect only 180 patients in the US, I understand better why we need this system.  Here is a link to my book about that journey.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S27AUAI


We are faced with an enormous pushback from the people who run the health industry, as this "outside the box" solution, which could save 100,000 lives in the US each year as well as reduce the costs of health care in the US by $400 Billion annually, threatens their revenue models.

 Thank you for being a Hero.

Patrick J Grant, Chairman
Our Health Data Cooperative

See How Sharing Health Data Across Silos May Save Thousands of Lives - Even Yours

Art by Regina Holliday



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