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"Member Owned - Health Data and Services"






How do you get scientific data that will help you and your doctor see what works best for your treatment - and what doesn't?  Join us!  Have questions that aren't here - just email us at info@ourhdc.com!


What is Our Health Data Cooperative trying to do?

We are offering 50,000,000 US Residents an opportunity to own access rights to their Health Data.      As owners of this effort you will have a vote in the management of the Cooperative as well as benefit from economic returns we realize.  You will also have information from the data that is anonymously gathered and analyzed by your Cooperative efforts.   Click here for the White Paper


Who can become a member?

Any resident in the United States of America (citizenship NOT required).


Is there a cost to join Our Health Data Cooperative?

No. There is an amount $10.00 withheld from the distribution of any profits to a member.  The membership in Our Health Data Cooperative requires only a sign up, or a subsciption to the plans of Support Mom or Support Mom Plus.  All members who join in 2015 receive lifetime membership in Our Health Data Cooperative.


What happens if I sign up to join and provide my contact information but later do not want to join.

This is the organizational effort of Our Health Data Cooperative.  We need you - and our goal is to bring 50 Million Members together as Patient Owners of the OHDC.  We are seeking to gather sufficent member interest to formally organize.  You will receive an email with information about the Cooperative and a Membership Signup Agreement after we achieve milestones.

You can decide then if you and your family would like to join.  There will be no membership fees as these would impede potential member interest and potentially distort the population that we are building to draw our Learning Health System together.

We are attempting to build a membership that is reflective of the total US population.



If I sign my name to join, am I obligated to become a member?

No, signing up will allow us to see if we have enough people that share the goal of helping build a Learning Health System.  Our goal is to build the Cooperative which will will allow you as a Member to get the app that will show you how your next treatment is likely to affect you, based on how it worked, or didn't, when you compare the treatment to other people your age and similar background.



Why organize as a cooperative?

Robert M. Kolodner, MD, Chief Health Informatics Officer of Open Tools, Inc., quoted Peter Drucker at the May 17, 2012 Learning Health System Summit in Washington, DC:

"Even small healthcare institutions are complex, barely manageable places. Large healthcare institutions may be the most complex organizations in human history."

As a result, he recommended three approaches:

  • Self-organizing, which requires a different type of leadership than traditional command-or-control
  • Farming vs. construction. In other words, grow, not build.
  • A few simple rules or boundaries, noting that "a somewhat surprising finding from research on Complex Adaptive Systems is that relatively simple rules can lead to complex, emergent innovative system behavior."

A lot of vested interests are keeping the goal of forming a Learning Health System from becoming a reality.  Patients have the most to gain and most to loose by these delays.   100,000 people in the US die each year due to mis-diagnosis.

You, as an owner through your cooperative membership stock, will drive solutions to be evaluated and placed in the hands of the medical community and in your own hands to discuss with your medical care provider quicker than if we let the effort be handled by vested interest companies or bureacratic minded persons that may not feel presure to be responsive to the needs of patients.

Your Cooperative Ownership also allows each member to have a stock certificate number, which will allow the member to share that number with their doctor, hospital, pharmacist or other provider of care, which will allow the Anonymous locator of electronic health information to be gathered by the cooperative's search engine to build a longitudal record which can be compared to large sets of patients with similar treatments for similar diseases and quickly determine which treatment works best, without development of large data banks centrally located.

If you agree, Join us today.