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"Member Owned - Health Data and Services"


Create a transparent organization owned by 50 million members that agree to share anonymously their health records so a valid comprehensive evidence-based clinical research database is created to answer:  "What is the best treatment for my disease?"






What is a Learning Health System?

Brief Overview


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How Our Health Data Cooperative's Structure Allows All US Residents and Businesses to Be Part of Solution

Each Provider of Health has a vested interest to protect their assets.  The assets they are most concerned with are their data and the development of Intellectual Property they may develop to transform this data into Knowledge.

We as patients cannot realize what treatments work best for our disease unless we combine 50 Million health records and search them so that we can see valid, non-biased, non-confounded outcomes/treatment from the analysis of the  data.

There are valid push backs from sharing data;

1) Security - will gathered data be secure

2) Accuracy - how data of each patient is gathered from different silos of data to assure the data is of that person

3) Cost - Each Provider of Health may have differrent programs and language that make it difficult and costly to interact with other Providers and their programs.

Cooperative Solution

Structure of the OHDC allows Patients to own and direct the business of health data access.  Each member signing up in 2015 will have a lifetime stock certificate issued to them that allows them to vote and receive annual patronage from any profits of OHDC.  There is no out of pocket cost to join OHDC.

The Business Model of OHDC includes rents from the data that is accumulated, from Businesses and Universities, so they can perform research that is shared with us.  This way we benefit as we get to understand, "What treatments work best for my disease." and we also realize the economic benefits from our data being shared.  By working together, we also access services, like the "Mom, You're Not Alone." program, that can save each OHDC Member  up to over $2,000 per year by reducing their out of pocket costs for Health Care.

Providers of Healthcare, and organizations focused on health, may join OHDC as Associate Members.  This class of membership has no voting rights for OHDC, but they may participate in the Industrial Advisory Board, and set the rules for accessing the data as well as governance for the IAB and retain rights to their Intellectual Property which may be developed by use of the OHDC data.  Distribution of their IP through the OHDC members helps improve the amount of Knowledge we OHDC Patients obtain from the shared data, and the OHDC model allows for revenue share of this IP.  There may also be no out of pocket cost to become an Associate Member of OHDC if the organization agrees to allow their members to become OHDC members.


OHDC has contracted with a company in Europe that is already in 54 institutions gathering data for patients.  This technology allows you to gather your health records from each Provider of Health, and share it with your family as well as anonymously, using your Personal Identification Number of Cooperative Members (PINOCM), which is your OHDC Stock Number.

The data is gathered over the internet with each Provider of Health that agrees to participate and is held behind a secure health firewall that is ISO270001 HIPAA Compliant. (Please see our brochure on this technology by clicking here)

Incentives for Organizations to Become Associate Members

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) are expensive, and create an added cost for the organizations that join them.

OHDC, through the Associate Membership model, allows each organization that joins OHDC, to access their patients' information, anywhere in world, with the PINOCM of the patient or the identifier of the Patient based on the unique numeric identification for the Associate Members' organization.

The ability of the patient to obtain their information from any language of the Provider of Healthcare, as well as the unique patient numbering structure of the Provider of Healthcare, which is incorporated into the OHDC technology, allows all the patient data to be accumulated and translated to a common language that can be read by all organizations.

The Associate Members of OHDC therefore:

1) Do not have to invest in new software to communicate with other organizations

2) Can join the OHDC for no cost (provided all their patients become OHDC members)

3) Reduce the cost of administration and compliance since there is no associated HIE fees

4) Gain access rights to the OHDC Data - providing their organization opportunities to develop Big Data IP Applications that can transform this information to Knowledge (Increasing their organizations' revenues) and help their stakeholders (Physcians and Patients) to better information (This will keep their oganization competitive.  Alternatively if their organization is not an Assocate Member of OHDC, they will loose competitive advantages).